Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day in Aggieland

For Father's Day, James decided he wanted to go to College Station. We primarily go down during football season, but his brother's new Chick-fil-A franchise was finished in the spring and a construction delay prevented us from making it to the opening. James felt like it's been long enough, so he took off a couple of hours early on Friday, we hit the road, and we drove straight to Freebirds to meet Jerald for dinner.

On Saturday morning, we visited the restaurant. Then, we took the kids to Research Park on campus because second to our teaching them about the Lord Jesus Christ, we teach them about Aggie tradition.

At least our priorities are in order, right?

Uncle Jerald's Chick-fil-A

Raising 'em Right.

Wherein I decide to compress a couple of vertebrae...

Comparing Puppy Dogs

From there, we went to see Kung Fu Panda at a new-ish and super cheap movie theatre (so cheap, in fact, that Chelsea and I went back later to see The Happening -- a movie worth little more than the $4 we spent to see it). Let me just say that I LOVE Jack Black as an animated panda and I laughed louder and harder than any kid in the theatre. That's right -- I'm not ashamed of my seven-year-old sense of humor.

Afterwards, we drove out to the winery where James worked when we met. We've not been out in over eight years, so it was nice to see how much the property has grown and how much it's stayed the same. The kids were quite disinterested in all of our recollections, but they had a great time taunting the turtles in the pond. Before we left, we had a chance to visit with the winemaker and his wife and to update one another on our respective lives.

Later that day, the writer of a blog I stalk commented here (and on her blog) saying that she spotted me in the gift shop, which was pretty distressing considering that I spent at least 43% of my time there yelling at my kids. (All vocal elevation was meant to protect children and turtles, and while she promises she didn't hear any yelling, I'm pretty sure she's just being nice.)

We went back to the house where Jerald pulled out the smoker and made dinner for us all. While the menfolk cooked, we messed around in the cow car.

Bub's Frightening Attempt at a Funny Face

Brotherly Love

We came home again on Sunday, but not before James opted for Freebirds again for lunch. Once home, he spent his Father's Day afternoon alternating between hanging out with the kids and dozing on the couch with the US Open on in the background. Happy Father's Day, James! We love and appreciate you!


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