Thursday, April 24, 2008

Calling to Mind

Today marks the day of the downhill slide. One year ago today, I was readying myself for a quick visit to the doctor, feeling ashamed that I was behaving immaturely and being far more worrisome than necessary. Little did I know it was the beginning of the end...

I'm so sad I can hardly breathe.

Losing Our Baby


Memorial Service

So I Wouldn't Forget

Hoping to Understand the Deferment of Hope

On Grief and Sorrow


  • Randi

    I'm aching for you. And praying.

  • Someone Being Me

    My heart is breaking. I am so so sorry. I'll be praying for you today and the next day.

  • Happy Mommy

    I am so very Sorry, Amanda! I will continue to pray for you today! What a beautiful song, and how true!

  • M Shriver

    You don't know me, and I've never been to your blog before, but I was drawn here today via a BlogHer link. I don't think it was a coincidence. You and Zachary are both remembered by God, today and every day. May His peace comfort you today, and add me to the list of those praying you through today and this week.

  • DeDe

    My heart is so heavy for you and as always I am praying for you, my dear friend.

  • Jenny James

    Praying extra prayers for you during this time.

  • Elizabeth

    I am so, so sorry. I truly do hurt for you, and am praying for you and your sweet family.

  • In His Grip

    I am so sorry Amanda. I remember that day well. He's not forgotten and neither is your family.

  • Ceci

    You are in my prayers. I pray that God will continue to heal your hearts and lives as you mourn.

  • amy

    I love you, Amanda. My heart breaks at the remembrance of your pain. Zachary is both loved & missed. He will never be forgotten.

  • Emily

    Thinking of you now and always. I love you guys. I am praying for you always.

  • Amy

    You are constantly in my thoughts today. My heart breaks for you, and my prayers are with you.

  • Awesome Mom

    There are no words. I am crying for you and your family (and I am not normally a crying kind of gal). I hope that you and your family can find a measure of peace in the coming days.

  • Christy

    Hard to believe it's already been a year. My heart aches for you.

  • Emily (Laundry and Lullabies)

    I'm praying for you today, Amanda.

  • Julie

    You probably don't really know who I am yet I feel like I know you well.
    Last night, I watched your slide show and listened to the words of the song. I couldn't control my tears. After walking away from the computer, I still couldn't stop crying for you. I went into my childrens' rooms and watched them sleep as I cried hysterically over their beds. Sounds stupid - I know.
    I kept thinking of you throughout the night and continued to lift you up in prayer.
    Wow, you have touched so many by sharing your grief. I am starting to cry again so I better stop typing. You and your family are in my prayers.

  • Niki

    My heart is heavy and my tears are many for you, your husband, and your Zachary. My thoughts and prayers are with you all...

    How very brave of you to write about this and share it with the world. I miscarried 4 times and the grief is unimaginable to anyone who has not experienced such loss.

    However, God has blessed us with one son. He will turn 3 this month and every day I cannot believe how lucky we are to finally have a child.

    God Bless your family.


  • Carol Ramsey

    I'm thinking of you and Zachary and your family today, sending lovw your way.

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