Monday, April 14, 2008

On Third Day and The Wave

After a Saturday morning of garage sales and an afternoon football game (where Bub's team won), we headed to Arlington for a Third Day concert and a Rangers game. The kids particularly enjoyed Third Day and were surprised every time they heard a song normally played on the radio. It was like magic!

The only other live music show they'd ever been to was the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival a couple of years ago when Trout Fishing in America performed. At the time, their CDs were in rotation in our car, so we couldn't miss them playing in our area. However, any given Third Day song is much cooler than "My Hair Had a Party Last Night" or "18 Wheels on a Big Rig," which made the concert so great. Bub busted out with some dance moves and stayed interested until he found a big mound of muddy ground. After two or three songs, Gracie was more interested in the snacks in my bag. (Sidenote: regardless of the coolness factor, I'd see TFinA again anytime. Their music is so much fun!)

For your listening pleasure:

Third Day: "Show Me Your Glory"

Trout Fishing in America: "18 Wheels on a Big Rig"

Pictures from our day

Following the concert, we watched the Rangers compete against the Toronto Blue Jays. (And I say "compete" because I think they forgot how to play. It was a miserably boring game.) The highlight of the evening was the wave that the belligerent drunk guys seated near us began and kept going. The fun of the wave somewhat made up for the onslaught of auditory abuse. Somewhat. We cut out early when the inebriates who'd been temporarily ejected returned to their seats and began pelting people in their section with peanuts. After an already long and eventful day, there was no reason to wait around for that inevitable brawl. (See picture: the sunlight streaming onto the field says "HI.")


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