Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WFMW: Scrapbook Paper Organization

I like scrapbooking, but more than actually doing the work of scrapbooking, I like buying scrapbooking supplies. I have found more stuff on sale, on clearance, or at a garage sale than I can reasonably use in a lifetime, and while I have no problem purging and tossing in every other room in my house, the contents of the scrapbook room will likely never see the inside of a garbage bag or donation bin.

That said, I needed an organizational tool for my scrapbook paper. I looked online, checked out scrapbook stores, and I even visited The Container Store, but nothing. That's not completely true -- there were some things, but since I'm not independently wealthy, I had to come up with something creative. Enter Target, where I picked up a basic set of white wire storage cubes and a pack of zip ties, and created this:

To model mine, build three stacked cubes per the package instructions. [On the Target website, I can only find a set of 4 cubes for $20, but I purchased a set of 6 in the store for around the same price.] Next, slide the remaining flat pieces in at the desired locations, and secure with zip ties (2-3 on each side, so 6-9 per shelf).

You can space your shelves out evenly among the cubes, but I wanted an open space on the bottom to store pictures for current projects. That way, I can't ignore them. Additionally, I have larger quantities of a few colors of paper, so I made those shelves a little deeper. Play with it -- make it work for you.

Other things this could store:

** Homeschool Curriculum
** Completed Art Projects
** Art Paper
** Card Stock
** Drying Flowers

The possibilities are endless, really. Enjoy!

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