Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On having nowhere to go...

We had our son cremated, and his ashes rest in an urn on an antique secretary in our home. As we approached this anniversary weekend, among other things, I've struggled with the decision we made not to bury his body, because here we are without a grave to visit. Now, I know full well that he's not there, but when you need to do something to manage your grief, not having a gravesite can be rather troublesome. (photo credit: Alex Blinder)

We tossed a few ideas back and forth, and while staying in bed for three days with the covers pulled over my head was in the running, we opted instead to get away. To get on a plane, to go somewhere we've never been, and to take an active step towards moving on. We need some time for restoration, so on Friday, James and I are flying to Denver.

Any suggestions for gentle activities?


  • Jenny James

    What a great idea... can't imagine how to deal with the impending weekend.

    I've only flown into Denver on my way to a ski trip, so I'm really no help.

    This might sound silly, but my first thought was a hot air balloon ride. It could be pricey, but when I think of Zachary I remember all the balloons released for him and Gracie's hopes that her baby brother would notice how she decorated a balloon just for him. Random idea, I know... but it could be an amazing memory.

    Or, just rent a car and enjoy the mountains. I'm sure there are some beautiful state parks to visit.

    I can't wait to hear about your weekend- whatever parts of it you want to share. You and your family have been on my heart a lot lately. I'm still praying for you.

  • Randi

    The getaway is a great idea and I love Jenny's idea for the hot air balloon ride.

    We used to live in Denver so I can give you a few ideas (you can find websites on all of these):

    - the Mother Cabrini shrine is quite neat and might be a good place for you to stop in ... it's in the southern Denver area. I don't know if they've changed it at all in the last six years but it's a place of prayer and pilgrimage and the statue of Christ at the top is beautiful. You can spend 20 minutes there or hours.

    - a drive to the mountains is always a great idea, as Jenny said.

    - if you want coffee and quiet, the Tattered Cover is a good hiding place. Various locations.

    - Colorado Springs is an hour away and is full of great places like Garden of the Gods. But if you want something closer, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is beautiful just to wander and see God's handiwork, and there are fun little restaurants and cafes in Morrison at the base.

    - LoDo is always fun but you may not be in that kind of mood.

    - and if you need a shoulder to cry on, or prayers to be prayed, my parents will take you in at the drop of a hat. I'm serious. I can email their phone number.

    I hope it's a healing weekend.

  • Christy

    Natural history museum, Rocky Mountain National Park, Winterpark ski area... The Garden of the Gods is very near Pike's Peak.

  • Michele

    I love that you are getting away. We did the same thing - and "celebrated" the first anniversary in Jamaica - that was very healing for both of us - just to be alone with my thoughts and actually have some time to process everything that was swirling around my head was so needed. I think there are a lot of things you can do there - mountain drives for sure - and maybe even schedule a nice spa day? I will be praying for a special time of renewal and healing for you!

  • Elizabeth

    Love the idea of getting away. I've only spent the night in Denver and driven through it during the day time. It's amazingly beautiful though! Nature is always a great place to connect with God.

    I'm praying it's a weekend of peace, comfort, and remembrance.

  • DeDe

    I'm so glad you are getting away and experiencing something new. No ideas, but you have great ones from others comments. Relax and let God restore you and James. If you don't do the hot air balloon ride you can still release balloon(s) with messages - can I do that with the kids while they are here?

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