Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Keepin' It Real

I've been reading this blog lately called Stuff Christians Like, which is abolutely HILARIOUS. I can't even believe how dead on this guy is, and the things he thinks to point out makes me laugh until I snort or stop breathing altogether.

I found this in the archived posts, and while it's not necessarily in the hilarious category, I believe it's just another way to say what I've been saying all along:

Sometimes, we Christians, worry that if we admit things are not going well in our lives you will assume that our God is not good. You will see our struggles as a reflection of who our Lord is. So instead of being honest, we will drop the Christian "F" word, which of course is, "Fine." Even though you can see on our faces that we were up all night arguing with our wives we will tell you "things are fine." How's the new project going? Fine. How's the family? Fine. How are things with your wife? Fine. The problem with that approach, in addition to being really dishonest, is that we're called to comfort people in the way we've been comforted. We're called to roll up our sleeves and show our scars to other people and be real about them. Jesus came to heal the sick and when we pretend we aren't, we're just lying. (My other site is like a mistake parade based on the lessons I've learned.) Life doesn't have to be "fine." You are not failing if it isn't "fine." God is not less loving or powerful or great if you tell someone the truth. If anything, when you open up and are honest, you get to share how even in the midst of something sucktacular God is carrying you through those times.

Disclaimer: The site is meant as a fun way to look at some of the quirks that we as Christians have, and I personally think it's very important to look lightly at ourselves. The writer is down with Jesus and he knows that even as Christians, we don't have it all together. What better way to acknowedge that than by having a good laugh?

That said, I want to add that while this site is fun and is meant as a parody, I don't necessarily get behind 100% of the posts [probably more like 99.8%], and certainly not 100% of the comments. What's great though, even in the comments, is the fact that site is open for real discussion, and isn't that the ultimate goal?

I get behind that one million percent.


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