Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poppa John and the Great Train Expo

Poppa John loves model trains. He collects all things Lionel and would convert a large part of his home to make room for track space if it wouldn't negatively affect future resale value. Part of the reason he picked this weekend for a visit was so that he could take the kids to The Great Train Expo at the Fort Worth Convention Center.

At the show, there were a number of model train displays in varying sizes that had been built and assembled by train clubs in the area. Poppa John and Bub were both partial to the HO size as a collectible, but Bub and Gracie really enjoyed watching the large models on the rails. The details on the trains, the tracks, and all the little parts with which to accessorize were unbelievable, and as a detail-oriented kid, Bub really enjoyed examining all the pieces. He'd love to build a track, and I have a feeling with a little more exposure, we'll have to consider a home conversion as well.


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