Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Season Ends, Another Season Begins

I never expected a time in my life where I would no longer gauge the changing of seasons by the color of leaves or the blooming of flowers. Now, like many parents, I gauge the seasons by the sports we (meaning the kids) play. Today, winter ended with basketball and cheer and spring began with soccer (and tumbling and golf). Poppa John was in town for the weekend, so he rotated sporting events along with us, and likely ended the very busy day glad he no longer has little ones at home.

Gracie's cheerleading team cheered for Bub's basketball team today -- the first and only time this season -- and Bub, as usual, played an incredible game. He scored eight points, and had five steals and one assist. He really is quite good at basketball and loves it more than any other sport. So much, in fact, that we're now on the hunt for a more competitive league.

Shots from the Game

Faster than the Speed of Light
(I've somehow messed up my camera settings, still I think this picture is fun.)

Cutie Patootie Heading to Halftime

The basketball game ended at 1:30 and we had to be on the soccer field by 3:00. We grabbed a quick lunch, the kids changed clothes in the restaurant bathroom, then we all headed over to the soccer field to give Bub plenty of time to warm-up and acclimate. Practices began for the team about four weeks ago, but the coach moved practice from the usual Thursday night time slot to Saturdays right during our game times. We wouldn't abandon one team for another, so Bub went without an official pre-game soccer practice. Bub was little bit intimidated to just show up on the field, but once he got back out there, it all came right back to him.

He played right field one quarter and goalie two quarters. He sat out during the beginning of the last quarter and I don't know where he played after that as I left the game a few minutes early. Somehow, Mother Nature didn't get the note about the change of seasons, and the weather that had just been between 80-90 degrees was suddenly 50 with a bitter wind to boot. I stood the frigid weather for as long as I absolutely could, but when hypothermia began to set in and I found myself tempted to dip my fingers in hot chocolate, Gracie and I left James and Poppa John alone to give high-fives and pack up gear.

Goalie Bub

Guarding His Territory

Staying Warm on the Sidelines

Me as The Green Burrito
(Cold Weather Trumps Fashion Sense)


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