Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal Friday Linkage

It's time for Frugal Friday linkage again. I thought I'd write a whole post about frugality again, as I did last week, but I have a sick kiddo at home, and I'm not faring too well myself. Because I have no fever, I can't tell if I'm actually sick, or if I've been hit by second trimester nausea. Bottom line, I'm spending a good bit of time embracing the toilet. As I recover, enjoy the links...

Gourmet Meals for Four for Under $10 :: CNN Video

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American Start Saving When Economy Needs Spending to Recover ::

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Concepts in Frugality - Rethink Your Thinking :: Almost Frugal

Peanut Recall a Headache for Food Banks ::

12 Ways to Save on Baby Stuff ::

Did She Just Say "Frugal Fertility?" :: The Grocery Cart Challenge


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