Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Sibling Surprise

My brother and his family came to town unexpectedly late Monday night, so yesterday after the kids finished their school work, we went to Denny's for the free Grand Slam. I'd hoped to make it over earlier in the day, but because of their surprise arrival, we didn't make it over until lunchtime. The crowd was out the door. We didn't stay. (A friend told me later that they were handing out rain checks to people who didn't want to wait, and now I'm disappointed I left.)

We've not seen my brother and his family since they came down in October to see my mom in the hospital after her little heart episode. Rae Lynn got sick during the holidays causing them to cancel their plans to come here, then an unexpected pregnancy complication forced us to cancel our trip up. Having them come down was a nice surprise.

We didn't do anything exciting while they were here -- ran a few of their errands and let the kids play -- and I'm a bit disappointed about that, too. I was hopeful we'd have a game night or get go out all together, but they didn't arrive until after midnight Monday night. Then, James works very late on Tuesday and Wednesday, we have school work to do through the day, we had doctor's appointments scheduled, both kids have practice on Tuesday night, Dustin and Amanda had a sleep away date night (which was great for them), and they're leaving for home early tomorrow while we're at our church for Bible Study.

We loved seeing them, no matter how brief their stay. I know I miss seeing my siblings on a regular basis, but I don't realize how much until I see them again, or until I hang out with friends who have their sweet siblings around all the time. I'm hoping to take a road trip to see everyone this spring, but who knows how I'll feel or what will be going on. By summer, I imagine I probably won't be going anywhere. Some days, I truly wish we were closer.


  • Randi

    I understand. It's so hard to be away from family.

  • ~Billie~

    I wish I was closer to my siblings too. At least you got to visit with them for a bit, even if you didn't get your game night. =) Unexpected family visits is always a good surprise!

  • Jenny

    I understand. My brother and fam is over 4 hours away while Steve's sister and fam are more like 18 hours away. We usually get to see them 3 or 4 times a year each. And with the busyness of kid's schedules and hubby's job we're lucky to see them that often. So life goes... That's why I love having a blog... and love reading their blogs. We leave very little expectation for each other. Just when we're together we're make the most of our time.

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