Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day 2009

Valentine's Day this year was lovely. In the past, James and I have honestly debated the validity of a holiday created by Hallmark. In my opinion, holidays aren't naturally occurring -- they all must start somehow, and just because Hallmark (or some other card company seeking a profit) got on board first to celebrate a day dedicated to love doesn't mean I shouldn't get some candy. Fortunately for him, James understands my perspective.

Normally, James is unconcerned about his gift selection and he always does well in making me happy. This year, though, he seemed very worried that he was going to get something wrong. I'm really not picky -- not at all -- still, his concern was sweet. Maybe because I'm growing a human, he wants to make sure I'm extra happy.

I didn't take his concern lightly and after thinking about it, I told him I wanted flowers and a fruit tart. He didn't believe me. I insisted time and again that that's what I wanted, and fortunately for me, he took me seriously before the big day arrived. James came home on Friday night with roses and a delicious fruit tart. He also brought a maternity store gift card and a box of chocolates just in case, silly guy! He also took the initiative to pick up Valentine's surprises for the kids as well, and since that saved work for me, it was yet another very generous gift.

Since James' ideal holiday celebration includes (1) staying home, (2) not fighting crowds, and (3) not spending too much money, I made a special Valentine's Day dinner for him. I grilled sirloins and asparagus, baked potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, steamed spinach, made a jello/whipped cream concoction we both love, and hand-dipped strawberries in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Everything was so good, so convenient, and so easy that we all won on that end.


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