Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Patronage Confusion at Casa

The kids and I went to Casa Mañana to see "Mrs. Nelson is Missing," a play based on a children's book by author Harry G. Allard. Both of my kids were so excited to see the play since we've borrowed the book from the library time and time again.

It's not unusual to see groups of children on field trips waiting at the theatre to see the performances. What was unusual this time was that a large portion of waiting groups were made up of high school children. "Mrs. Nelson is Missing" is a book geared for children at the second-grade reading level -- why were so many high school kids there to see the production? I could only think of a couple of reasons: either they were drama students there for some stage tips, or they non-drama students there for some life-lessons ("Mrs. Nelson is Missing" is about school children who misbehave and suffer the consequences).

Besides my struggle with patronage confusion, the play was lots of fun. The kids and I both loved seeing a favorite story come to life.


  • Randi

    The high school students would have thrown me off too!

  • taralynn819

    The book endeared me most when I student taught third grade under the name "Miss Nelson". I didn't feel old enough for people to call me by my last name. And especially now that I have a "Mrs." behind my last name!

    Anyhow, great book, and I'm sure, great play! I've taken my former nanny charges to a couple books-turned-plays, such as "Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse". It's just so fun to see how they adapt the story for the stage.

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