Thursday, March 26, 2009

Schoolhouse Rock Live!

For our homeschool field trip this month, we planned an outing to see Schoolhouse Rock Live! The event was coordinated by Theatre Arlington, but we attended during field trip days at Texas Hall on the UT Arlington campus. We partnered with another homeschool group to secure a better deal, and with a combined group of about 40 people, tickets were $4 each.

I was excited to see Schoolhouse Rock again. I loved the show on Saturday mornings and recently borrowed a CD of grammar songs from the library. The kids were excited to go to a concert -- any concert -- but were really engaged when they heard songs they knew, like "Conjuction Junction" and "Interjections" (only now the tunes are stuck in my head).

The Stage

Hanging with the Boys

Dancing with the Girls


  • Randi

    That looked like fun! I would have liked to go but I think we're at a really in-between stage ... my big kids think they're too big and the littles aren't big enough.

    On a side note, your boy gets cuter by the day.

  • taralynn819

    I LOVE the concept of extended learning!!! It "clicks" and their entire faces light up!

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