Monday, March 16, 2009

Let the Nesting Begin...

For the last several days and all day Sunday, we spent time reworking the upstairs layout. I'm not working on the nursery yet, but I am working on getting the general area ready to make room. On Friday, the kids and I completely emptied the scrapbooking room into the game room and began transferring Bub's stuff into the open room. The space is smaller, but little boys (at least my little boy) seems to need a little less space.

On Saturday morning, James helped us move the large furniture into Bub's new room and together we got the room entirely reassembled. I again realized how fortunate it is that we have the kids keep their room so organized. All of Bub's things transferred in in their regular bins. A room was disassembled and entirely reassembled in a matter of moments. It was the smoothest thing ever. After the big move, Gracie and I went to Lowe's and bought Oops paint for the new scrapbooking/guest room.

Sunday, when we came home from the slumber party, Gracie and I began painting. James came into check our progress and both Gracie and James stuck around long enough for the blog photo shoot. After pictures were taken, Gracie's arm and neck began to hurt and James had to pack for his trip to Omaha. Both legitimate excuses, but the timing was impeccable. Gracie would come in to roll paint on the walls from time to time, but for the most part, I painted the entire room. I normally hate painting, but for some reason, the process of painting this room was very peaceful. It was pleasant to focus in a quiet, empty room. Maybe hormones mixed with paint fumes has an unusual effect on me.

Today, the kids and I will reload the room with the guest bed and all the scrapbooking furniture and supplies. Later, we'll probably head out on a hunt for new bedding and material for curtains. After being groggy all these weeks, it's unusual to have such an abundance of energy. I hope I can keep it up until the baby comes -- I'll get so much done!


  • Randi

    You accomplished a lot! I've been hoping to get some painting done this week but so far I've done nothing more than think about it.

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