Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Crashed a Slumber Party

Last night, Gracie went to her first slumber party. Mommy also went to Gracie's first slumber party. Yes, I'm a little nuts like that.

Here's how it happened:

Gracie cheered on an Upward team this year. There were three total teams at the church nearby -- one team of little bitty girls, one team of girls Gracie's age, and a third team of everyone else. Gracie was on team #3. The team was made up of girls all years older than Gracie, and at six years old, she was the baby for sure. The next youngest was eight, nearly nine.

As the season was closing, the cheer coach handed out party invitations and Gracie herself was concerned. She still gets scared sleeping away from home, even if she's spending the night with her Nanny who keeps her all the time. She really wanted to stay with her friends, but was worried she'd be afraid. Regardless of how she felt, I knew I was afraid! In my mind, she's six going on six months. She's much too young for a slumber party -- especially a slumber party with ten and eleven year olds.

At first I said she couldn't go, but right away I knew that was a mistake. James and I talked about it, then Gracie and I talked, and we all decided it would be better if I let her go, but picked her up again before bedtime. The next week when we came to cheer practice I meant to talk to the coach to let her know our plans. Before I could, she announced to all the parents that she'd love some to stay over and help. Problem solved: Gracie could spend the night without being scared, and Mommy could stop freaking out.

Gracie had a fun evening with her friends eating pizza, making Icees, watching movies, and doing all things giggly girl. She played with her friend's baby brother who followed her around with hugs and kisses. I helped prepare pizzas and monitor the girls. At the end of the night when the girls dozed off, Coach Tanya and I talked about cloth diapering and homeschooling. She gave me diapering tips and I gave her some (limited) tips on choosing a curriculum. In all, it was a fun night for both of us.


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