Saturday, January 10, 2009

Words Escape Me -- Baby P Is On His Way!

Introducing Beautiful Baby P

I'm staring at a blinking cursor thinking there just aren't enough words in the English language for me to weave my thoughts together right now. I am absolutely stunned by God's incredible, unbelievable faithfulness. I am humbled by His ability, and long to spend the day on my face praising Him for His tender mercies. I am amazed by what He has done.

I have been prayerfully waiting (from a distance) with a couple from my church -- Holly and Ben -- who began an adoption journey only nine short weeks ago. I keep their blog link handy and look to their story for encouragement in my own situation. Last night, they got the official call that they were going to be parents to a beautiful baby boy!

Holly tells her story much better than I'm able to, but I'll share a brief synopsis of their miraculous adoption events:

  • They were chosen to parent after only nine short weeks of waiting. (I think it's amazing that she's been waiting and I've been pregnant exactly the same amount of time. That fact is completely irrelevant, really -- just interesting to me. What's most interesting about it is that I thought of Holly before I announced my pregnancy. I was concerned that in her waiting, her heart would be burdened by my news. I know what it's like to sit and wait while the world goes on without you. I strongly considered delaying our announcement only because I didn't want her heart to hurt. Little did I know God had a baby for her right then.)
  • Though they're approved to adopt nationwide, they were chosen by an in-state birth mom, making a last-minute trip to the hospital much easier.
  • The birth mom and her family are a close, loving Christian family (an answer to a specific prayer) who have embraced Holly and Ben and want them to be at the hospital and share in the birth experience.
  • The birth mom who chose them chose them alone. She knew in her heart they are to parent the child she's carrying.
  • Baby P's due date is only 10 days away. He could arrive anytime!

I am so blessed and excited by Holly and Ben's news. God's faithfulness and provision cannot be denied. Please visit her blog to read her adoption story in more detail and to offer your congratulations, then stick around to see what else God has in store for this sweet family and their beautiful baby.


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