Friday, January 16, 2009

Frugal Friday Linkage

Another Friday, another group of my favorite links about frugality and other money issues. A frugal victory this week: secondhand stores that resell children's toys escape the testing restrictions of new lead laws going into effect.

There was a consideration to remove all toys from secondhand stores to prevent possible exposure to the lead that some manufacturers recently discovered in their goods. That was an acceptable idea, but in reality, there are probably more toys in secondhand stores that do not contain lead than there are those that do. At that point, it would have become less of an issue of child safety, and more of an environmental concern as secondhand stores and consumers sent all unsellable goods straight to the landfill, exponentially increasing our already irresponsible level of waste. As it turns out, the responsibility of ensuring safety for their children remains with parents, as it should.

Toy manufacturers in the small business realm, as well as those who make and sell homemade toys, are still being effected. They'll be required to pay large sums of money to have their goods tested for safety before being sold. The cost of that requirement may cause smaller manufacturers to close their doors.

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