Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Either an Awful Mom, or an AWESOME (!) Mom

But what I am for certain is an awful blogger of late. Today's topic is one of the most boring ever -- our choice of breakfast food!

This morning when it was time to eat, I was tired of the every day selection. Cereal -- bah. Fruit and yogurt -- bleh. I thought about pancakes or waffles, but I always make pancakes or waffles. Instead, I used said pancake batter and made funnel cakes! Breakfast food for carnies!

I just used our regular pancake mix and prepared it according to the package directions. Then I poured it from a measuring cup into a skillet of hot oil. The results were okay, but next time I make funnel cakes for breakfast (or lunch, or a midday snack), I'll change a few things.

  • I'd thin the batter down a little more. Our funnel cakes were very puffy, not crispy like at the fair.
  • I won't use a measuring cup to pour the batter. I'll use a funnel, a squeeze bottle, or a piping bag.
  • I won't make three funnel cakes. Just like at the fair, one is enough for everyone to share.

I think today's breakfast was a hit with the kids. Gracie told me I needed to get a job at Six Flags making funnel cakes full time. Silly girl!


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