Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She Slugged Me!

On my porch today, I found an adorable package covered in slugs...

... a fun little blessing from Evelyn at I'm a Sew Sew Girl.

Inside the box was a carrier with airholes...

... and a new little buddy for Babbit!

My sluggish new friend is super cute with rosy pink cheeks and itty-bitty beady eyes. He sports a tag that reads, "Garden Slug, c/o Amanda -- Texas or Bust." Flip the tag over, and it states that slug food is included, which must be the beautiful fabric leaves Evelyn hand-crafted and sent along.
(This woman's talent and creativity is beyond me -- I am not even kidding.)

Thank you, Evelyn! I love him already!

Evelyn's slug is named Doug.
What should I call my new little friend?


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