Friday, August 1, 2008

Hey, Hannah!

On Tuesday afternoon, the kids and I met DeDe for a quick lunch playdate with Rachel and Rebecca. Our busy schedules have kept us apart all summer, so though we both had overscheduled days, we decided it was then or never. All in all, our meeting was little more than quick catching up (we're usually quite leisurely), and letting the kids say hello over chicken nuggets and ice cream.

As a special treat, our friend Hannah came along. Gracie rarely gets to see Hannah, but when she does, she behaves as if they see each other every Tuesday. She talks to her intently and strokes her hair. They act and look like goofy, giggly teenagers trapped in itty-bitty bodies. They're so cute together!

Good Friends

Catching Up

Entertaining Rebecca

Group Hug

Fun Summer Friends


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