Thursday, August 14, 2008

On Luaus and Leftover Cake

Yesterday, we had such fun with our friend Rachel, who is turning six. She had a pool/luau party at a new activity center, where the amenities were fantastic. Rachel and her mommy were surrounded by many dear friends, and it turned out to be such a sweet celebration. My kids had a blast and agreed that the goody bag they came away with was the best ever (which it was -- thank you DeDe and the Oriental Trading Company). They even asked to have leftover cake for dinner (as if it was ours to take home, or as if I would allow that. They know that leftover cake is for breakfast*).

As for pictures, I thought I had more. Because I'd just been to the podiatrist, I didn't get in the water. Instead, I snapped photos the whole time. It didn't occur to me until now that I had DeDe's camera all along.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

*I'm kidding about the cake. Leftover cake is only for my breakfast. Tee hee!


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