Friday, August 15, 2008

Kid Thoughts on Adoption

We talked to the kids about the possibility of [maybe perhaps thinking of considering] adoption and asked for their thoughts. Since Bub is adopted and we have friends who are adopted, they have an understanding of what adoption is and how it works. Our conversation was really more about their thoughts and feelings. I've recorded their responses for posterity, but I ask you, could my children be any more honest?

Bub: I think it would be better to have a baby from the tummy, except they pop out of you a lot.

Gracie: I'd really like an adopted child because then it won't be dead or anything.

Oh, honesty.

Beyond that beautiful conversation, I've been looking at more agency websites. I found one tonight (well, last night -- gosh, it's late!) that was for an adoption facilitation group. It seemed to be an online operation primarily, with classified ads for waiting families and prospective birthmoms. Somehow there's a matching process, but I didn't get that far into it. I spent the majority of my time on the site reading "Dear Birthmom" letters, and noted that all of the letters had perfectly posed pictures of beautiful couples plastered right at the top. What do you think our success rate would be if I put this picture on our profile?


  • Amy

    I love your kids' sweet honesty and hate that they have that experience from which to speak.

    And I love that picture of yall. :)

  • Randi

    I'd pick you in a heartbeat, based on that picture alone! :) You're an amazing family. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry at your kids' thoughts on adoption ... just want you all to reap happiness after all you've gone through.

  • Jenny James

    I'm with Randi... do I laugh or cry at the comments. Well, at least they are honest... no reading between the lines with them! And based on that goofy picture of the 2 of you, I would say YES! Who wouldn't want fun parents???

    Seriously though, I am still praying for you guys. Thanks for posting your heart so I know how to pray! Love you, girl!

  • sjh

    Ditto with everyone else- absolutely pick you! Fun parents with wonderful kids. What more could a child ask for? We'll be praying for you!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh sweet girl...those kids are so funny! And honest! Gotta love that. It breaks my heart for them (and you) that you've all been through so much.

    I cannot wait to see who God adds to your amazing family.

  • MJ

    Okay since we're all about honesty...sorry to burst the bubble, but I disagree. Here is my thought on your chances with that picture:


    I'm just sayin'....... ;)

  • Emily

    I have a couple you could have. I'd probably miss them after they are potty trained and sleeping through the night and want them back though :p You are all in my prayers, and I know God has something planned for you. You guys are a wonderful family!

  • DeDe

    I love the honesty!

    I can hardly wait to see how God will unfold His plans for blessing your family. He is faithful and I'm trusting Him to fulfill His promises!

  • Awesome Mom

    I think you should take one of the both of you dressed up like clowns! That would set you apart from all the other prospective parents.

  • In His Grip

    Amanda, that picture is too funny. Of course you'd get picked. Who wants someone boring. So glad your kids are honest and that you are visiting with them about it.

  • Happy Mommy

    I love the response of your children. Kids are honest! I think if the birthmom is looking for a humor you would be picked with that picture for sure!

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