Friday, August 1, 2008

And in Second Place...

My Starbucks giveaway was a huge success with 286 comments. Whew! It was interesting to see the varieties of summer drinks people prefer, and I now have an extensive list of things to try. Really, thank you all for playing along! I believe it would be fair to say that Southern Sweet Tea was the #1 summer drink, followed closely by Ice Water and Hot Coffee.

(Yes, I said hot.)

As for the winner of the Starbucks gift card, I used the Random Sequence Generator at Here are the top five on the list that came back:

Random Sequence Generator
Here is your sequence:


The original winner, number 47, is a woman named Christie who left no e-mail address and who has a blocked Blogger profile. Since the chance of her popping in here again is quite remote, and since I have no way to connect with her, I'm moving on to the second in line. That said, congratulations EB (#52)!

I sent an e-mail to #52. If I don't get a reponse, I'll just move on down the list.


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