Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Paint Fumes Have Robbed Me of Title Creativity, or The Painting of Gracie's Bedroom Set is Done

Gracie's new $7 garage sale bedroom set has been sanded, primed, and painted by my wonderful mother. Said wonderful mother also hauled the whole mess up the stairs (with a little boy helper) and got everything set up and arranged. She would have also assembled the crib and moved in the changing table, but since I've not purchased settled on the girl's coordinating bedding sets, and since I'm not 100% if I need to want to bother with a new coat of wall paint, the less furniture in there, the better.

As for the cost of refinishing, Mom used her palm sander and filled it with sandpaper I picked up at a thrift store for another project. I can't remember how much it was precisely, but it was less than two dollars for the whole package, and I'd already used part. Three cans of Kilz spray primer was used to prime the entire set -- $4.50 each, or $13.50 total. Sherwin Williams provided the paint. We were fortunate to find three gallons of white paint that had been newly placed in with the selection of mistints. (The paint guy said they were there only because the packaging had changed, not because there were problems with the paint.) Gallons of mistinted paint cost $1 each at Sherwin Williams, and we used no more than 1/4 of a gallon, or 25 cents worth, for the whole project (I bought so much because I need to touch up some trim and paint something else white). For around $15, the entire set was transformed, and I'm really pleased with the final product.

Thanks, Mom!


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