Sunday, May 17, 2009

Community Group Wrap Party: Summer '09

Our church doesn't have "Sunday School," or a group Bible study on Sunday morning. Instead, we have "Community Group." The concept is the same, only we meet in the evening at someones home instead of on Sunday morning on the church campus. Another difference between Sunday School and Community Group is the fact that CG takes a break for summer, and this week, we wrapped up our group with an afternoon of fun. Kids played, adults chatted, food was cooked on the grill. We ate and enjoyed each other's company, then we took the kids to the neighborhood spray park.

It's amazing how much smaller a church becomes when a select few know you personally and pray for you on a regular basis. It's been such a blessing to our family to "do life" with this group of people this year. While we're sure the group next year will be different -- some families are moving away, others will likely join -- we're excited for what's in store. Love you guys!


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