Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Grand Reopening

Though our local school district is still open for business for at least another month, the grand reopening of the neighborhood pool was scheduled for early May. For the first week or so the pool was open, it sat completely empty. The weather was too cool and too dreary, and on top of that, people were still scared of catching the Swine Flu. By the second week of the month, many neighbors threw caution to the wind and took the plunge.

We timidly followed suit a few days later -- timidly not because of health concerns or weather issues, but rather because I look like a giant walking blueberry in my lovely maternity swimsuit. Fortunately, no one pointed and laughed as I sat poolside and the kids enjoyed being in the water again.

A Tattooed Bub

Gracie in Goggles

The View from Up Here


  • Randi

    I love your view ... it's hilarious. I just bought a maternity suit (after realizing there was NO WAY I could fake it with my regular suit) so I'll be joining your ranks ... and I'm none too thrilled about it. :)

  • Julie

    Oh, I love your view. What a great picture - definitely a baby book photo.

  • christy

    What loverly painted toenails. Did Gracie or James do that for you?

  • Emily

    I like the blueberry view! Glad your kids braved the pool, we have not done that yet. It probably helps that you didn't have to get in.

  • Amanda

    Emily, I actually *did* have to get in. A bigger kid threw Bub's dive toys into the deep end and someone had to rescue them. I was that someone.

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