Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter 2009: Neighborhood Easter Egg Scramble

This year, our neighborhood hosted its first "annual" Easter Egg Scramble. The sponsors kept saying there were over 7,000 eggs in each age group, but there were no where near enough children our to collect so many. James did the math, and in our kid's age group alone, there were over 200 eggs allotted per child. Fortunately, we brought average-sized baskets and we just couldn't take home near that many.

Having so many eggs available, the kids took home tons of treats. They also enjoyed baked good provided by generous neighbors and the HOA. The Easter Bunny made an appearance and the kids had fun seeing friends and former classmates all at one time. The experience was such a success, I'm hoping we have a second "annual" Easter Egg Scramble, and when the time comes, I hope the kids aren't too big or too cool to participate.


  • Randi

    I can't believe all those eggs!! I don't think kids ever outgrow the desire to get candy-filled eggs. Mine are still into it. The Easter basket becomes a bit embarrassing but the candy makes up for it.

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