Thursday, April 23, 2009

Homeschool Recess

Around our house, we've all got a touch of the Spring Fever. We're longing for pools to open. We're itching to be outside. It's so hard to focus when the sunlight streams into our school space, and consecutive days of warm Texas weather does not help the cause. We needed a Homeschool Recess.

Today, we gave up the fight and spent the afternoon with some friends at one of the sandy beaches at a nearby lake park. The water was still too cold (and brown and gross) for swimming, but the kids peeled their shoes off, rolled their shorts up, and waded in as far as we Mommies would let them. They admired jet skiers, a houseboat circling the shore, and fishermen casting their nets. They collected shells and threw rocks. They built a complex system of rivers and tributaries and floated small plastic toys to a pool at the end. When we came home to finish our lessons, writing assignments were influenced by the day's activities with frequent repetition of the words "fun," and "cool," and "best day ever."


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