Monday, May 3, 2010

Stocking the Craft Stash

'Tis the season of the neighborhood garage sale and so far this year we've had pretty good luck picking up a few good deals. This week to me was one of my best garage sale weeks ever -- I stumbled upon a craft sale! I thought the homeowner was either making his wife clear out the hobby room or he bought out a closed down craft store, but thinking back, I believe he must have found a Michael's auction or warehouse sale. He wouldn't say, he just kept saying, "I swear it's all legal!" I'm determined to find his source.

In the meantime, I loaded up on a large assortment of brand new craft and scrapbook necessities. The stuff I picked up: Five 12x12 scrap pads, one 8x8 scrap pad, two 12x12 kits, 5 new pair of scissors, new canvas, 3 bottles of Mod Podge, raw birdhouses, large punches (like Whale of a Punch), small punches, long punches, laminating pouches, card making supplies, adhesive runners, scrapbook dots, tacky glue, tool sets, unopened retail sticker packs [meaning sheets and sheets], and lots and lots of adhesive -- jewelry glue, flip flop adhesive (to glue stuff to flip flops), Gorilla Glue, etc. The guy's prices were unbelievably low, but I still racked up a $47.50 bill. Expecting to negotiate, I offered $35 and he said, "Sounds good to me!" Wowee!! If you've ever walked into a craft store without a coupon, you'd know this is a smoking hot deal.

Other fun stuff from today's garage sales: freestanding folding table (to alter) $3, three baskets $0.50, hardside mini suitcase (to Mod Podge) $1, NIP pink pashmina FREE, black cloche base $1, greenery FREE, shelf organizers $1, divided crate $1, black easel $0.25.


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