Friday, May 7, 2010

Darling Deer

Through some blog linking, I found Michelle of Mich L. in L.A., a new and really creative craft blogger who has the most inventive ideas. I love how she uses unconventional craft supplies to make really lovely things, like a "schmancy" necklace out of curly paperclips and earrings from chopped-up Easter garland found on clearance.

She recently made some fantastic earrings from a deconstructed Chinois-style fan and offered them in a giveaway. Unfortunately, I was not drawn as a winner. Fortunately, she sent me a pair anyway.

She used curtain tabs to fashion an adorable gift bag:

The deer detail is so lovely, but even more lovely is the fact
that these earrings are made from repurposed material.

They go quite nicely with a necklace I brought home from Mozambique --
a necklace I rarely wear because I didn't have suitable earrings.

Until now...

Thanks for the gift, Michelle -- I adore it!


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