Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Blind Find

On any given Monday, this could be my van...

In fact, this was my van on Monday. I'm an avid garage saler/thrift store shopper/Craig's Lister. (I also carry a big stroller and shop at Kroger, as you can plainly see.) In my head (or sometimes on paper), I keep a running list of things I need or want and I buy them when I find them on sale. In most cases, I'd rather leave a space entirely empty and take my time to procure things on the cheap versus paying full retail price.

Today was an extra special day for this cheapo. I've been looking for that right-priced armoire for the TV in our family room since we moved into this house three years ago. I recently found a RED -- no, a Provincial Crimson (yes, that's much nicer) -- Haverty's armoire on Craig's List for $75 -- squeal! It is so cute and matches our decor perfectly.

(Best of all: I don't have to paint it.)

Also, for some time I've been looking for a window treatment solution for the same family room. It connects to our kitchen so the wall of windows between the two rooms really should have treatments that coordinate. I've not really liked anything I've tried so far, but a couple of days after my armoire purchase, I found four brand new valances (just enough!) in the same Provincial Crimson on clearance for $2 each. I hung them, raised the metal builder blinds and enjoyed how the lovely valances framed the light.

(What I didn't enjoy was how they also framed the grill
and the side-lying basketball goal in my backyard --
or the fact that I still haven't broken out the new slipcovers. Sheesh!)

Late that Sunday night when James was out of town and I couldn't sleep, I considered my valance vicissitude and decided I needed cafe shutters. They would let in the light but block out the basketball goal -- perfect! Right away, I began looking on Craig's List, but searching gave way to sleeping which gave way to a play date very early the next day.

In this part of Texas, we have "Bulk Trash Day." Once a month, residents can put certain large items outside of their city trash cans and a picker truck will come by to collect. It must have been bulk trash day in my friend's neighborhood because one street away from my play date, someone had just set out a stack of lovely solid wood shutters on the grass by their can. Some would say, "Ew, gross," but I say, "Providence!" The shutters are in perfect condition and are entirely functional. With the exception of a little dust and grass residue on the shutter stacked on the bottom, they were all quite clean. (Still, they all got a good hosing off before storage in the garage.) While they're not technically cafe shutters, with a little modification, some simple framing and some touch-up paint, they will be. You can't beat free!


  • Randi

    I still can't believe that find ... and you left out that you also found the bingo thing! :)

    Great find on the valances too. You've inspired me to hit the thrift store tomorrow!

  • Emily

    You would love where I'm at. We have a reuse center. It's a place where people take their recycle stuff too, and if they have things that are still useful, they put them in the center. Then we all can look in there and take the things that we want. I have taken so many things there, and I can't count how many things I've got. I have lucked into some really great items. People also leave stuff by the cans on bulk trash day. I just found a vacuum that way. Gotta love when you find things like that :)

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