Friday, April 30, 2010

A Pretty War Protest

Gracie used her sparkly blue ballpoint pen
and made me an anti-war protest sign...

... so I used a bright blue upcycled t-shirt
and made her an anti-war protest dress.

See? Those are little "chill pills" dropping on the Middle East.

Controversial? Probably.
Cute? For sure.

This was my first attempt at stitching knits. I used a modified Sienna pattern from Little Blue Boo. I had to increase the overall size of the pattern since Ashley's sizes run from 6 months to 6 years and my seven-year-old is in the body of someone aged ten to eleven. I also modified the neck line of this particular dress and made a braided tank instead of a dress with sleeves. A fun and simple project and a nice surprise for Gracie, but for my next trick I need a jersey needle and a free-form foot for my machine. Time for a run to the fabric store!


  • Randi

    Very cute! You amaze me. Why do you need a free-form foot?

  • Amanda

    I think it would be easier when sewing through some of the thicker knit (like where I made the piping around the neck). The zipper foot is too tight in places. It's not an absolute requirement -- I just think it would make things easier.

  • Elizabeth

    Very cute dress! (and love the message)

  • Michelle L.

    Hi, Amanda - ooh, I am going to have to look through your blog at length! That chill pill graphic is amazing. I'm Michelle at Mich L. in L.A., you entered my giveaway and you didn't win - boo. But I want to send you a prize anyway, because I'm new and you wrote such a nice comment! If you want to write me with your mailing address, I will send you a cool freebie. Email me:

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