Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Building a Baby Suite -- Day Two

So much was accomplished on day two of construction! When the workers arrived this morning, the "room" was no more than a pile of supplies. By the time they left, it's a real room! There's still much to do, but the progress today is astonishing!

We discovered the little bumpout that made up the computer corner is hollow, so I debated having that wall totally demoed. When we opened it up a bit, though, we could see there were some spare studs in a place that wouldn't allow a total removal of the wall. Instead, I think what we've decided is to have the contractor open up about four feet of the wall from floor to ceiling and install some open built-in shelving. The more time I spend in the little space -- particularly now that the walls are up -- the more I can imagine moving all of the craft stuff in there, and letting the babies have the bigger room. I may have to purge some material and supplies to make it work, but there are absolutely some things I could easily get rid of. I have time to decide, but either way, I'm so glad we made the decision to move forward with construction. It's a perfect solution for us!

Building a Baby Suite -- Day Two

Progress at Lunchtime --
Extra Measurements Taken and Long Wall Installation

Mid-Afternoon Progress --
Door Framing Complete, Door Installed, and Sheetrock Begun

Evening Progress --
90% of Sheetrock Installed, Outlet Boxes Installed
(View from the Stairwell)

(View from Gracie's Bedroom)

Checking Out the New Space


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