Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Building a Baby Suite -- Day Three through Five

Construction of the new room is still ongoing, but the change doesn't appear as dramatic from one day to the next. All the electric was installed and connected on day three. To save us some money, our contractor Wes ran electrical wire and installed all the outlets, switches and fixtures as part of our total construction quote, but he didn't tie in to any power lines. We hired a licensed electrician to come inspect all the work and make the final connection. I'm glad we did it that way because we discovered electricians are super expensive! For an hour of work, we paid the electrician 2/3 of what we paid for construction of the whole room, including materials and days of labor. Still, it was a good investment. We wanted to be certain the work was done correctly so it was safe, and so if there ever were an issue (say, a fire in that area), our insurance company wouldn't have anything to contest. On day four, the final pieces of drywall went up, and the room was taped and bedded. A second coat of mud went up in some areas on day five.

Though we've only had five days of someone actually working in our house, the gameroom has been a construction zone for nine days. I'm really, really ready for the whole process to be complete so I can get back to my regularly-scheduled busy life without having to consistently coordinate my schedule with someone else. Also, I'm super anxious to get to my part of the work! We've now decided to put Bub in the new space since he's the only kid not sharing a room, so my work will include painting all three kids rooms: priming and painting Bub's new room, priming and painting Bub's old room that will become the nursery, and putting a fresh coat of the same color on Gracie's wall. Lots to do -- ready to do it!

The Electrician is Here!

Tying in the Power

Wes the Contractor

Waiting on Mud to Dry

View Down the Long Wall + New Can Lights

View Towards the Window + New Can Lights

View from Gracie's Door

Looking Out


  • Randi~Dukes and Duchesses

    It's awesome, Amanda! I really love it. I'm kind of bummed I didn't recommend our electrician to you ... we've hired him three times and he's super precise and really fairly priced.

    Your new bedroom plan sounds great ... minus the painting. Maybe you should have a painting party where we all can help you out.

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