Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Building a Baby Suite -- Day One

Adding children to our family this round has been a whirlwind, and I feel like every action and decision has taken me three times as long to complete or make. Sometimes life and all these little blessings wear me out to the point that I'd rather just lie down than do or think about anything. Thank goodness I have a dear friend who is exactly three weeks more pregnant than me because when she feels motivated to nest or prepare for her new little girl, I feel compelled to prepare for mine. Miss Motivated has already had her nursery painted, purchased furniture and bedding, had a baby shower, and is working to fill baby's dresser and bookshelves. All of her busyness inspired me to call in a couple of contractors to get quotes on building a new baby room.

When Elleigh first came to live with us, and as we pondered our pregnancy, I initially said I wasn't going to build a baby suite. As this particular floor plan had a fifth bedroom option, we have space upstairs for one, but we want to sell this house and move closer to church and friends next year, so I didn't really want to invest the time and money to renovate (unless it was necessary to sell). I contemplated giving up the hobby room -- which James insisted upon -- but as I sat sewing on one side of the room while three kids did crafts on the other side of the room, I decided I wasn't prepared to relinquish my personal space. At that point, James and I began considering a couple of renovation options -- enclosing a third living space we rarely use, or enclosing a rarely-used section of the game room. In the end, we opted to enclose the unused game room space. The installation will be faster and easier, and the upstairs renovation is the more affordable option.

The new enclosure will technically be an "office" since it's on the smaller side, and since we're not installing a closet. For now, though, we'll use the small space to house Elleigh and the new baby. First of all, I don't feel like resorting, reorganizing, and transferring all the stuff from the hobby room into a new space. Secondly, it's not unusual for several of us to be using the hobby room at one time, so we do need more space to spread out supplies than will be available in the new room. There's plenty of space in the new room for two cribs and two dressers, and babies really don't need any more than that. When we get closer to selling, I'll sort the hobby room to pack up some rarely used supplies, then I'll swap the rooms. For now, though, I'm quite happy with the choice we've made, and I can't wait for it to all come together.

Building a Baby Suite -- Day One

Relocating the Play Kitchen and Toy Shelf
(This is Brystol's cheese face. When the camera comes out, she stops to say "cheese," even if the picture is not of her.)

The Soon-To-Be Baby Suite

Big kids standing where walls will soon be...
(Bub is right where the bedroom door will be located.)

Contractors hauling in supplies
(Note the broken window I discovered when I raised the blinds for the photo.
Clearly, I should have said "Don't throw stuff in the house" a million and ONE times.)


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