Saturday, May 7, 2011

Summer Stylin'

My two little girlies were ready for some summer stylin'. Gracie had been growing our her hair for a long while, but decided at the end of the school year that she really wanted to have it all cut off. Because it had taken so long to grow, and because she loved fixing her hair so much, I made her wait and think about that decision for about a month before I set an appointment at the salon. When she was absolutely certain a short cut was the way to go, we made a girl's day of it. As for Brystol, she just needed to have all of her wispy baby hair trimmed and shaped, so she got to join in on the fun.

Waiting to See the Stylist

Look How Long!

Keeping Brystol Still by Making Fish Faces

Pretty Pixie Cut

Ready for the Big Cut

Plenty to Donate

Summer Stylin'


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