Saturday, May 14, 2011

Glamour for Gracie's Ninth

For Gracie's ninth birthday, she opted to celebrate with a low-key day of glamour and relaxation. I don't know if all the busyness and upheaval in our family of late had anything to do with her decision, but when I presented the option of a day alone with me and one special friend, she jumped on it.

Gracie invited her school friend Jane to join the family for breakfast at The Snooty Pig where she opened presents and ate sugary cupcakes immediately after sugary pancakes. After breakfast, the girls and I ditched Dad, the brother, and the babies for some time alone. After a quick stop at Starbucks for even more sugar, the girls enjoyed mani/pedi appointments at a local salon geared for tweens. Once they were all gussied up, we caught a showing of African Cats at the Fork & Screen. (Note: a pregnant woman eating Thai Chicken Tenders while watching an enormous lioness rip apart a dead zebra will not finish her meal.) Though it would have been fun to have had a party with lots of friends and frivolity, I think the peaceful day of undivided attention was just what Gracie needed. She sure seemed to have a happy birthday.


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