Friday, May 13, 2011

Let Us Commence

After what feels like ages of hard work and long, late nights, school for me is coming to an end. Though I have nine hours to complete over the first two summer sessions, I was invited to participate in the May 2011 Commencement Ceremony at Texas Woman's University. Despite the hard work, I've really enjoyed taking classes. Adding more tiny children to our family in such rapid succession, though, has made the work more stressful, and I'm glad to be wrapping up this season. When all is said and done, I will graduate cum laude (with honors) with a degree in Sociology and English Literature.

It was very special to have my family at the ceremony with me. James took the morning off, we kept the big kids home from school, and my mom came along. Brystol and Elleigh spent the morning being cuddled by a few of my mommy friends. The ceremony was divided by college, so the process was short and sweet. A very nice reception provided by the university followed.

A couple of people have asked what I plan to do with this degree, and at this point, I plan to do nothing more with it than I did without it. I'm an at-home mom, and that's not changing. I just wanted to finish what I started a long time ago, both for the sense of personal accomplishment, and as a back-up plan. (After a couple of airline scares involving my traveling husband, I wanted to be proactive about completion while I had at-home support in case I were ever in a position to need it -- which I pray I don't, at least not in that context.) Perhaps since I no longer have to read and research for a class, I can do more reading for fun. Since I no longer have to write for a class, maybe I can keep up with this blog. I am planning to spend more time in Bible study, and in addition to baby playgroup, I'll be joining a mom's group in the Fall. I'll also continue to co-lead the Hopeful Hearts group at our church. Even without formal coursework, all these commitments plus parenting five kids (three of which will be age two and under) will keep me plenty busy for a while.


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