Friday, December 24, 2010

S'mores Bites: Wherein I May or May Not Have Invented Deliciousness

As we prepared Christmas sweets this year, we had a special little helper in the kitchen, although I think more chocolate made its way into her mouth than onto our candies. I love these little pretzel kisses. They're so good and so easy, and one of my all-time favorite treats!

Speaking of treats, this year, I invented a new little sweet for our family. (Mind you, I use that term loosely because I'm certain someone far more inventive than I has suggested this snack in the past.) We love s'mores and have spent many winter evenings roasting marshmallows in our fireplace. Brystol's gotten bigger and so far she's been very good around the fire -- she hardly even notices if one is burning, and she's never made a move to get close to one. Because we want to neither draw her attention to the fireplace nor make her think it's okay to put things into the fire, this winter we've only made s'mores with the big kids while the baby slumbers. We've all been missing the taste, so I went on the hunt for ingredients to make s'mores bites.

I wanted to use graham cracker sticks, but I looked at a three different stores and couldn't find them anywhere. I substituted Teddy Grahams for this first batch -- not the best option, but a decent alternative. I placed Hershey's kisses on each cluster of two and warmed them in the oven (at 250) just until they were slightly melty to the touch (maybe 5 minutes). While the kisses were warm and gooey, I pressed a mini masrhmallow into each one, then I put them in the refrigerator so the chocolate would cool and set. Delicious!


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