Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Brystol and the Big Elf

Our family doesn't celebrate Santa at Christmastime. Though we don't "do Santa," we do have a picture of the big kids with him when they were small. We took it while we were still figuring out which holiday traditions were important to our family and when we allowed other voices to tell us that not "doing Santa" would screw our kids up for life. Note: it hasn't.

Our kids are great and they love Christmas in spite of Santa never visiting our home. They get plenty of gifts and they know that we exchange gifts as we remember the gift of Jesus. You can follow the link above to read more about how and why we do Christmas the way we do. The point here is that the big kids had a picture with Santa and Brystol had to have one too, so we headed on down to Santa's Wonderland at our local Bass Pro Shops to have her picture taken for free. The kids enjoyed all the free games, activities and carousel rides while waiting, and I enjoyed all the free.

When the time came for Brystol to meet the Big Elf, she was not a happy girl. Looks like she too will be okay with the big guy not popping by.


  • Randi

    We don't do Santa either although we do take photos of the kids with him ... we like to remember the tradition of Saint Nicholas and discuss the good that came from that. And I just think screaming-baby-on-Santa's-lap photos are a rite of passage. :)

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