Friday, October 16, 2009

Prepare to Be Greeted

I am a sucker for greeting cards. I love receiving greeting cards and I love sending greeting cards. When I used to go to the mall for those leisurely excursions way back in my pre-children days, I could often be found browsing around the Hallmark store, reading the cards, imagining who I might send them to and what sort of witty quip I might include.

Unfortunately, my capacity for wittiness went the way of the leisurely mall excursion, so imagine my excitement when I read about a new line of greeting cards from Hallmark called The Edge of Motherhood. It's a greeting card line with the wittiness built right in! Some examples for your perusal:

Then imagine, if you will, how much more excited I was when I saw that Kristen at We are THAT Family was hosting a giveaway for $60 in free Hallmark greeting cards from The Edge of Motherhood line. If you can imagine all of that, then you must know that I was THRILLED to discover that I won the giveaway. That's right, I won, I won, I won -- Hooray!

The parcel from Hallmark people arrived today, and it is just crammed with goodies -- twenty-six cards in all! Some with sound, some capable of a personalized recording, all chock-full of wit and humor. I love it!!

Now, a warning for those of you in my address book: prepare to be greeted.

The Prize


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