Monday, October 5, 2009

The End of an Era

James celebrated his 39th birthday this year, a surprisingly remarkable event. This birthday seemed to mark the end of an era. It seemed to be less about wrapping up the thirties and more about staring down the forties -- a nail in the coffin of his youth, if you will. This birthday was probably the mopiest ever.

To cheer him up, we celebrated James by spending very little money. (For some reason, James' happiness level increases in direct correlation to my decreased spending. Very interesting...) The kids and I made chocolate cake balls and we gave him funny birthday cards, Dallas Cowboys paraphernalia, and complete control over the weekend plans.

James used his power wisely, and we continued celebrating at Freebirds in Arlington where James had a monster and made himself happily miserable. We drove around Cowboys Stadium watching tailgating Aggies out in the cold rain. We considered picking up some tickets to the game, but opted for coffees and couches at home instead (a decision we felt even happier about when the Aggies lost). The rest of the weekend was a blur of football and lounging and napping and lazing -- so great!

Making Cake Balls for Dad

Rolling Away


Happy Birthday

Make a Wish!

James --
We love you.
We appreciate you.
We hope this year is fuller and richer
than the 38 before it.

Happy Birthday!


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