Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kindergarten, not First Grade

Gracie began testing yesterday to see if she's ready to move to the first grade. It turns out, she is not. Though she's quite advanced in reading, she is average in math. (Could she be any more like her mama?) She did not meet the 90% or better requirement on the math test to advance, so she'll remain in Kindergarten.

On one hand this morning, it was hard to not feel disappointed that she wouldn't be progressing. We had worked so hard over the weekend to prepare her for the idea that we had grown accustomed to it. By this morning when we had our answer, it was hard to get back to the realization that she wasn't behind, she was just the same. We were asking ourselves what we needed to have her work on when it dawned on us that we don't necessarily need to have her working on anything more than what she'll learn in Kindergarten. (The principal did say that they will be keeping an eye on her, and will be testing her for the First Grade Gifted and Talented program in the Spring. They will also speak to the teacher and devise a plan that Gracie will remain stimulated and challenged throughout the year.)

On the other hand, it's a relief that we do not have to impose our parental will in this situation and drag her kicking and screaming from Mrs. J. We were excited about the opportunity, but were concerned that instead of it being a blessing for all involved, it would be an emotional detriment to her. We're pretty relieved that it's no longer on the table, and it wasn't an opportunity that we had to decline, but rather one that she just wasn't ready for.


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