Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beginning Ballet

Last Wednesday, Gracie finally began ballet classes. When she was three, we told her we would put her in ballet someday, and ever since, she has asked and asked, "When am I going to start ballet?" Like always. Sometimes every single day. We would always tell her soon, and then sometime in the spring, one or the other of us said, "In the Fall." We heard about it no more.

We have felt for all this time that skill-wise she was ready for classes. What concerned us was (1) the ups and downs of our family life as a whole, and (2) the clingy separation anxiety she exhibits when we're in a down. With all of our changes, we were more than concerned about investing in a class only for her to cling to my leg or be forced in kicking and screaming.

As summer was coming to an end, and the word "Fall" was tossed around in an anticipatory way, we began to hear again about dance. But this time it was different. There were no more questions, just statements of fact that she would be starting dance in the Fall. Now there were reminders as often as there once were questions. So we chose a studio and enrolled her in a combo ballet/tap class.

Last Wednesday was her first class, and as I watched her settle in, the look on her face was like something in her life was finally complete. Her teacher, Ms. Pam is suited to work with children. She's so much fun, and treats them as seriously as any little prima ballerina should be treated.

Today in her second class, she was chosen as line leader to march the group to the barre during tap. She then was chosen as the fairy princess to dance around and with her fairy wand, make the flower ballerinas bloom. She had the best time, and was just giddy all afternoon.

Parenting can be such a challenge much of the time, but there are few rewards in life like providing an opportunity for your children that really matter to them, bring joy to their lives, and thrill their little hearts.


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