Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Cancer Journey: The Big Hair Cut

Mom's hair began falling out about a week before her second round of chemo. She'd had her hair cut from longish to quite short in anticipation of this, but we didn't expect it to start falling out so soon. We thought after the second or third round, not the first. Hopefully, this means the chemo is working well.

She told me she was standing outside in the heavy Texas winds and noticed her hair blowing away. She said it felt like she was blowing away. It was time for her hair to come off. When I went to shave her head, it astounded me just how much hair she'd lost in the few days since I'd last seen her in person. Though her hair had been cut short, it was still quite thick at our last visit. When I came over this time, her hair was so thin and large clumps were missing out of the back.

We took a few pictures before the big hair cut, as well as a couple during and after. We all cried during the cut, but I felt a bit better after it was done. Mom has been working hard to adjust. She's learning how to tie and wear scarves.

Nanny with the Kiddos

Mom with her foster sons, Dennis and Matt

Mom and Me

The Big Hairdo

Beautiful Baldie


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