Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snowmaggedon Part Two, A.K.A. The Snow Flake

"It's coming back," they said. "Snowmaggedon, Part Two." Old Man Winter was returning with a fury, and five or six more inches of snow was expected by the morning commute today. Schools would be canceled on Wednesday for sure, and with the weather only worsening as the day progressed, schools would likely be canceled Thursday too. It was going to be terrible. That's what they said.

With such dire predictions, I decided I'd be more prepared for the impending winter storm than I was last week. I skipped a fun outing with my friend Randi so I could work ahead on assignments for school. I battled the crowds at Kroger to make sure my pantry was stocked both chips and dip. I went shopping at Academy for waterproof boots and gloves so the kids could play in the snow all day long. We ate dinner out to get that desire out of our system, then I picked up a couple of Redbox movies before heading home to hunker down. The kids stayed up late watching "Breaking Weather Reports," then went to bed excited about the blizzard they just knew they'd wake to because on the news that's what they said.

Gracie bounded down the stairs this morning, bundled in all of her warm winter gear, pulled on her new gloves and boots, and rushed outside to --

the snow storm that totally flaked out.

Remembering the wimpiest "blizzard" ever
still meant school was canceled
made her a happy girl once again.

The fact that the snow stopped falling early
and the sun has been out all afternoon
makes Mommy a happy girl, too.


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