Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Recipe: Shortcut Sweetheart Sugar Cookies

In a baking mood but left with limited time, the girls and I made Shortcut Sweetheart Sugar Cookies. I'm hopeful that cutesy name makes me seem a little less like a slacker by making cookies using the ready-made store-bought dough already in my fridge. No effort whatsoever! Whether it does or doesn't, using pre-prepared dough made the cookie-making process quick and simple -- exactly what I needed with my littlest messiest helper on hand.

Gracie added a bit of flour to the dough to stiffen it and make it suitable for rolling. I used a pin dusted with flour and rolled the dough until it was about 1/4" thick. With Valentine's Day in mind, heart-shaped cutters were used to punch the dough. Scraps and edges were rerolled and the process was repeated until the dough was used up. We baked the cookies for about 10-12 minutes per batch -- a bit longer than the package suggests -- then dusted them with red sugar crystals while they were still warm.

Easy and Delicious!


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