Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer Swim Lesson: June 2009

The kids began swim lessons at a nearby community pool this morning. They're in the uppermost level this year, so for five days a week for two weeks, we'll be spending our mornings learning new skills, practicing strokes, and diving for rings. Well, that's how they'll be spending their mornings. My mornings will be spent baking poolside. Ah, summer.

These swim lessons are arranged by a local recreation center -- a really nice, fairly new rec center in a small town close by. Because the town is smaller and there's less of a demand, the cost of class is quite reasonable -- in fact, the lessons are very inexpensive. The student/teacher ratio is also really fantastic: 5 kids to two instructors. The kids are already getting lots of personal attention, which is a wonderful bonus. An even bigger bonus: two other families from our church are taking lessons at the same pool, so four out of the five kids in their level are in the same class at church. They already know one another! Moreover, the other moms and I can spend our time chatting with one another instead of just gazing longingly into the cool water. I couldn't have coordinated a better plan!

Because we like to do a variety of things and because I prefer to leave plenty of time for unstructured play, I'm normally not a fan of summer activities scheduled for every day of the week (with the exception of VBS), particularly not when the five-pound human housed in my pelvis is most comfortable with her big head shoved into my hip socket, but the value and experience of these swim lessons cannot be passed upon. Now, let's just hope my energy level keeps up with their class schedule!

Gracie (age 7) and Bub (age 8 1/2)

Girl Cooties are Gross

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