Sunday, July 15, 2012

Event Cancelled -- More on the Bible Bee

Things have not improved for us with regards to the Bible Bee study. Lessons still take a lifetime, which the kids are now growing frustrated with, and I'm still no better at teaching them memory tricks. They've gotten a few of the scriptures down, but are having a hard time with others. I've added some silly moves (like they do with the songs at church), and while the kids think it's hilarious to watch me make a fool of myself for their benefit, it seems like it's only good for a laugh and little more. I was hopeful we'd be able to attend the local event to connect with other parents doing this summer study. I really needed some tips and advice, and the kids needed to see they're not the only ones (I hope!) whose Mom has no idea what she's doing. We were also looking forward to a little fun after all this work.

Unfortunately, the local event was cancelled at the last minute and tentatively rescheduled for the day that we're supposed to have a dress rehearsal (something else I'm confused about and needed direction on). At this point, I feel lost and beyond frustrated. My plan now is to put on the brakes. I should stress that the materials are fantastic and the kids are learning loads, they're just a bit intense (for us) for a quick summer study. We'll continue with our Sword Study, but we're going to devote only a couple of days a week to it instead of the whole week, and we'll get back to our regular method of study using the Bible Bee material as our foundation until we get through the book. In fact, I think this would be a great option for people who needed a good Bible curriculum to follow, even if they weren't interested in the actual Bible Bee. As for us, there's no way that we'll be ready for any kind of competition anytime soon, but that's okay. We've gained a great deal from the program, so I already feel like we're winners.


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