Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer at the Waterpark

The kids and I purchased season passes for a local waterpark this year. This particular waterpark chain is Christian in nature, and their objective is to bring families closer together. There are scriptures posted throughout the park, and the lifeguards are dressed modestly. The parks are smaller in size, so they feel safe. All around, it's an environment I feel comfortable taking my children to.

We purchased our passes in advance of this pregnancy and Elleigh joining our family, so we thought our excursions would be easy. When summer arrived, we had to decide how we'd swing park visits. Only once have we left Elleigh with a sitter, otherwise she joins us each and every time we go. I pack her in an otherwise unused Infantino baby carrier and wade around with Brystol in the shallow end of the wave pool. Bub and Grace head off together to the kid climbing structure and waterslide within eyesight, checking in in person every few minutes. Together, we go to the "lazy river" where I walk alongside kids in rafts and Brystol in her baby float. Admittedly, our waterpark visits are not always easy, but they're not impossible, and they're always lots of fun!


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